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Nordic Surf Games 2015

13th - 15th of March

Jæren, Norway


Official team results.


















Open Results:

1. Luca Guichard NO

2. Joakim Guichard NO

3. Tim Latte SWE

4. Jonas Paulsen NO


Ladies Results:

1. Linn Brirno SWE

2. Runa Andersen NO

3. Ingeborg Sofie Nakken NO

4. Maria Petersson SWE


Junior Results:

1. Christian Portelli SWE

2. Christoffer Holler DK

3. Robert Storm DK

4. Christian Andersen DK


On the behaf of the team behind Nordic Surf Games I would like to thank everybody that made this

event happen.





Sola, Klepp kommune.

European Surfing Federation.


The local surfers of Jæren sharing waves with competitor surfers.

Finished Contest

Nordic Surf Games

12th-15th of March.

Jæren. Norway